Welcome to Spring/Summer 2021.  The last year has been a bit unusual to say the least, but we're looking forward to brighter days ahead - in our lives and in our fashion choices!  We're sharing our favorite looks to help you start spring off in style.

We can't show them all here, but click here to view our new Spring 2021 Look Book including our full color palette!

Medium/Large Organization Bags
One of the things that the pandemic brought out in all of us is a need to be organized. From working from home, to teaching our kids and having to cook way more than we wanted, staying organized has been key.  We're introducing three new bags this year that will not only keep you organized, but keep you in style too.

Kaysi 2-n-1 K. Carroll Accessories
The Kaysi
A satchel and crossbody in one.  You can use the crossbody as an organizer inside the bag (it snaps into place), or you can use the detachable crossbody strap and use it by itself. Available in five colors, $59.99.  Shop Kaysi.
Michelle 3-n-1 K. Carroll Accessories
The Michelle
Our 3-n-1 Michelle bags offers a satchel, crossbody and wristlet in our new beautiful croc vegan leather. The detachable crossbody strap can be used on either the satchel or crossbody and the wristlet can also work as a mask holder. Available in five colors, $69.99.  Shop Michelle.
Jennifer Hobo K. Carroll Accessories

The Jennifer
The classic hobo - always in style.  The front zipper pockets are both fashionable and functional.  And the bonus is the the included crossbody bag/organizer (with detachable strap), making this an awesome 2-n-1 bag.
Available in six colors, $59.99.  Shop Jennifer.


Chain Straps
There's a reason why chain strap bags are in style - they are the perfect accent to dress your handbag up or down.  Ours are all detachable, so you have options and options are always good! 

Lauren Baguette Bag K. Carroll Accessories

The Lauren
We love this on-trend baguette style bag with the detachable chain strap.
It's small and stylish, but still has plenty of room for all your essentials. 
Available in five croc colors, $44.99.  Shop Lauren.Lexi Crossbody K. Carroll Accessories

The Lexi
The Lexi Crossbody is available in four colors with two variations in chain color. The soft pastel links compliment the shiny metallic links beautifully!


Small Bags
Small crossbody bags continue their popularity.  Hopefully this summer we will be back to going to concerts, amusement parks and vacations - and these bags will be perfect.

Kelsey Camera Bag K. Carroll Accessories
The Kelsey
We love this new shape, inspired by the camera bag. Nicely structured, it has all the organization features you would need. Color selection is currently limited – check back soon to view all 6 available colors, $44.99. Shop Kelsey.

Harper Crossbody Oprah's Favorite Things K. Carroll Accessories
The Harper
The Harper continues to be our best selling bag and for good reason.
It has great organizational features, can be worn as a crossbody or belt bag and comes in over 40 colors - including both fashion and team colors, $19.99.  Shop Harper.

Unique Shapes/Self Expression
We've all had time to do some self-reflection this year and find new and unique ways to express ourselves.  Here are some ideas for to match with your own, unique you.

Dakota Crossbody As Seen on General Hospital K. Carroll Accessories

The Dakota
The most uniquely shaped bag we’ve ever offered and we love it! The cylinder shape is just so fun. The back side is flat so that it can lay nicely on your body, so it’s very comfortable to wear. 
Recently just featured on "General Hospital"! Available in 4 colors, $44.99.Shop Dakota.Brittany Snakeskin Circle Bag Crossbody K. Carroll Accessories
The Brittany
Perfectly on-trend for Spring! The combination of snakeskin and the circular shape make it one of the chicest looks you can carry right now.  Available in 4 different snakeskin patterns, $44.99.  Shop Brittany.Rachel Croc Crossbody
The Rachel
A contemporary shape in contemporary croc makes this perfectly in style this season.
Available in 4 croc colors, $44.99. Shop Rachel.

Classic Summer Straw Bags
They are called classic for a reason - straw bags are always in style.  What we love about ours is that they are designed to be a "purse first" and a beach bag second.  Whichever way you choose to use them, you won't be disappointed!

Sandy Tote K. Carroll Accessories

The Sandy
Use it for beach or a night on the town. The Sandy tote is perfect either way – it’s large enough for the beach and chic enough to wear with your favorite outfit. You’ll look great either way.
Available in both natural and black, $46.99. Shop Sandy.

Annette Straw Tote

The Annette
The classic summer straw tote! Forever in style! This bag will go from the beach to the picnic to summer vacation. You’ll use it all summer long.
Available in black only, $46.99.  Shop Annette.