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I am on the moon! 

I am really impressed with the customer service provided by your company. I look forward to enjoying your products in the future.

Your company has awesome service!!! THANKS a million

Thank you so much! I will be ordering more. So appreciate all you have done!

Love these little bags. Went on to order other items as well. Very pleased with purchases and customer service. Highly recommend this company and their products!

The quality of the purses is wonderful. I love that there are fun colors and I can buy several purses to match my outfits without breaking the bank. I get compliments all of the time on my purses!

I know this bag was designed by a woman. It’s so comfortable. I believe all things women use should be designed by women. I purchased a refrigerator it must have been designed (not by a woman)  because it wasn’t practical, or functional .  The basic idea for placing a gallon of milk on a shelf right in front would be obvious.  But no it has to go in the door that’s  not strong or durable not handy. BACK TO THE BAG….The bag size is right not too big. If bag is shallow which this bag is means you don’t lose your keys or tissue or phone !!!!!! (You have pocket for phone). Hallelujah! ( who knew) life would be made  great by size bag and only one pocket…. Why only one pocket Because if you had two pockets you would search thru 2 Wasting time and getting frustrated. I think frustration is the word of the day because time… is what we do have a lot of.


Jennifer Sloan