What is Vegan Leather?

Updated Tuesday, April 20th, 2021

At K. Carroll Accessories, we love to design our handbags using vegan leather. Vegan leather (also known as faux leather) is a material that looks and feels like leather. Using vegan leather means we can produce handbags without harming any animals. It can be used to make everything from handbags to shoes to jackets – just about anything you can imagine!

We also love getting creative with our bag designs when using vegan leather since it can be produced in tons of different shades, finishes, and even textures! Vegan leather is also an affordable leather substitute, helping us keep our handbags at an affordable price.


How to Clean Vegan Leather

One other special benefit to vegan leather is that it is waterproof! This makes our handbags easier to clean by using a mild detergent or simply by wiping it with a damp cloth. Here are our recommendations:

  1. Soak a sponge or cloth in warm water.  You can add liquid soap or dish detergent, but never add hard detergents as it may damage the material (try to use unscented soaps to reduce chemicals). Wiping this way will catch dust, dirt and other debris.

  2. Squeeze any excess water out of the sponge or cloth and gently wipe the stained area.

  3. Wipe the area with a clean, dry cloth. Any leftover moisture  or soapy residue can damage the material. Let the surface dry.

  • On the go? You can always use a baby wipe to gently clean your handbag when you're running around!

We hope this helps you understand a little bit more about vegan leather! Feel free to reach out to us via email, social media, or call if you have any additional questions.

Dianne Boyer