Why do you need RFID Protection?

Protect yourself from "RFID Skimming"

You’ve been hearing us talk for literally, years, about “Secure Style”, our brand of RFID protection that we build into all our products. But what is “RFID” anyway and why is it important? We’ll explain it all here.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and is becoming the norm for cashless transactions with almost all new debit and credit cards now using this technology. These cards have a built-in chip that transmits the cards’ information wirelessly. They are great for contactless shopping but criminals can take advantage of this new technology by using a scanner that wirelessly scans the victim’s payment cards in the same way that a cash register scans it. These scanners are legal and can be bought in any electronics store. This is called “RFID skimming”.

RFID skimming is a process in which criminals can steal your card details just by standing close to you. They can install a card reading device at the ATM or even commit this fraud at filling stations, bars, restaurants or really any public place. Once they have your information they can duplicate or clone your card and spend a lot of money before you even figure it out. If you have an RFID enabled card in your wallet, you can be vulnerable to RFID theft.

K. Carroll Accessories Secure Style RFID Protective Lining

That’s where our “Secure Style” RFID blocking lining comes into play!

This lining acts as a “faraday cage” – meaning it creates a screen around your cards, which stops electromagnetic fields from interacting with the cards. This lining is included in all our vegan leather handbags in various forms including built-in credit card slots, interior and/or exterior pockets and in some cases, completely lined organizer bags. The metallic fabric not only protects, but it looks attractive as well. So you get “pretty” and “protection” all in one product.

K. Carroll Accessories Secure Style Lining

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