Why We Love Fall Fashion

September is here.  And while it’s still technically summer, the stores are already stocking their shelves with pumpkin-this and pumpkin-that, the nights are getting just a little cooler and we’re starting to think about taking off our sandals and putting on our boots.  September signifies the start of the new school year, football season and, of course, one of our favorites, those three-inch thick September fall fashion issues.

Why do we love fall fashion so much? Being based in the Midwest, it’s not only a time for cider mills, tailgate parties and the splendor of fall colors, it’s officially “sweater weather” and with that comes the best in fall fashion.  From perusing the best magazines to following the best bloggers, we spend time looking to find the latest trends and handbags that not only inspire us, but will inspire you as well.  

Fall Fashion 2018

What are some of the highlights of 2018 Fall Fashion?

Preppy style:  Think bold tartans, plaids, and rugged cable knit sweaters.  Even mixing and matching your plaids is on trend this season.

Power Suiting: Classic looks in tailored blazers and trousers. Look for them in gray menswear plaids paired with a classic trench coat.

Brights:  Reminiscent of the 80’s colors in fuchsia, vivid orange and bright blues, yellows and greens.

Animal prints:  Leopard has become the new neutral and you’ll see it everywhere in tops, coats, shoes, handbags and jewelry.  It’s the new classic.

Soft faux fur coats:  The coziness of faux fur will keep you warm all season long.

Adding Your Accessories

So, as you would pair a fine wine with dinner, how do you pair your accessories with your fall fashion?  We’re pretty partial to handbags as our favorite accessory, so here’s a few tips:

Going bold?  Black is always classic if you want the attention to be on what you’re wearing, more than what you are carrying.  Or, if you want to really be bold, pair a bright bag in a contrasting bright hue.


Add a pop of color to a monochrome outfit.  Going with the classic all black? Add a leopard print bag to add an accent of the latest trend. We also like a pop of red or plaid to all black.


Wanting to try one of those faux fur coats this season?  Stick with a crossbody bag – it will give you easy access to all your stuff and you won’t have to fight with any bulkiness of a coat or a bag falling off your shoulder.


The classic satchel is always a great look to accompany power suiting and menswear looks.  The styling of a satchel adds a touch of femininity to a menswear look. Try adding a pop of color here as well. A mustard color satchel would look great with a power suit.

Fall Fashion 2018 Bold ColorsFall Fashion 2018 Leopard Print

Fall Fashion 2018 Faux Fur CoatsFall Fashion 2018 Menswear Plaid

We hope you are embracing the 2018 fall fashion season as much as we are! We’d love to see your fall looks.  Use the hashtag #mykcarroll on Instagram so we can see your best fall fashion.

Dianne Boyer