We talk to Juliana Meidl & Laura Regalado from
Serenity At Home 

K. Carroll Accessories Juliana and Laura Totes Serenity at Home Detroit


As you may have noticed, all of our handbags are named after women that inspire us.  Some of them are "famous"; our Audrey Satchel is named for actress/activist Audrey Hepburn.  But some are more personal.  Our Juliana and Laura Totes are named for local Michigan business women, Juliana Meidl and Laura Regalado.  Juliana and Laura recently started their own business and since we understand what becoming an entrepreneur is all about, we salute them and their business, Serenity At Home.  


We sat down with Juliana and Laura to learn more about their journey and wanted to share that with you.  We love supporting our fellow women in business.


Tell us about your business, Serenity At Home.  What does your business do?   

Serenity At Home Detroit offers three pillars:

 1. Home organizing (any room, closet or space)

 2. Home Transition (helping people purge and get a home ready to sell)

 3. Concierge Service (researching vendors for painting, flooring etc, meeting contractors or deliveries, checking on homes during long absences and getting those homes ready for client's return.)


What was the inspiration for the business? Is there a "problem" that you're trying to solve?  

The common theme among our clients is a lack of time to tackle areas in their homes.  Once clutter or piling begins, it can take over.  That causes stress and chaos.  We help bring calm and peace back to areas that cause stress.  With the boomer population moving from their forever homes in record numbers, family members don't often have time or live nearby to help ready the home for sale.  We can help with that process. 


Describe the biggest obstacle that you've had to overcome to get your business started or to continue growing. 

The biggest obstacle was saying, "yes, let's do this" and leaving each of our comfort zones.  We've been very lucky to have had the support of so many to give us our "first chance" to work with them and those they referred to us.  Once started, we really realized the infrastructure we took for granted or didn't even think about when employed by someone else.  How do we set up an accounting system for each facet of the business, how do we approach social media, what does our brand stand for and mean, and what makes us different than our competitors? 

What has been the most exciting moment of your business thus far? 

We've had some really exciting moments.  Early on, when completing projects, just saying to each other, "We ARE doing this! We can do this! Wow, when we started this project today, we weren't sure where we were going and look at what we just did to this space!" 


Our partnership with The Container Store in Troy, MI being their sole in-home design team truly was a game changer as it validated the need we saw in the marketplace and gave us not only a new lead system but also credibility.


What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs just starting out?

 Listen, ask questions, meet as many entrepreneurs in as many industries as you can, network in your industry. Do your market research on any competitors to see if there is a niche you can fill. 


Is there anything else that you would like to let people know about you? 

We both always had a passion for organizing in our own homes/lives, helping others get organized or simplify.  Which lead to conversations about building a business.   We are the closest of friends and have known each other for 12 years, love working together to build our dream.  But really, what makes us most happy is the pure joy and serenity we bring to our clients.  We love all the hugs, high fives and making a difference in their lives which truly makes a difference in ours.



K. Carroll Accessories Juliana and Laura Totes
Juliana Meidl, left, modeling the Juliana Tote
Laura Regalado, right, showcasing the Laura Tote


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