“From long to short, printed to textured, there is something for everyone this season – and I say your wardrobe needs one, ASAP.” …..to quote Elle Magazine. They are talking about the return of leopard print, and, well, not necessarily the return, but the fact that it’s really always been in style. Initially, coats and shoes had the monopoly on animal prints, now you can find animal prints in just about anything – shirts, jewelry and of course, what we love, handbags.

In “Fierce: The History of Leopard Print”, author Jo Weldon runs through the history explaining the allure of animal skin from the post-war 1920s to Dynasty and Debbie Harry’s 1980s – "a cycle of glamour, trashiness, transgression and back". To Weldon, it is obvious why women would keep coming back to spots and stripes. “The pattern designed to help these dangerous animals blend in [to their environments] was one that a woman used to stand out,” she notes. And so this woman is “not necessarily saying that she is a predator, but she sure isn’t prey.”  The desire for leopard print continues today as Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and other stars flaunt their feline-inspired spots on film and stage, the catwalk and the red carpet.


Sophia, $44.99, Kim, $44.99, Harper, $19.99, Coin Purse, $12.99


But there is also a “reptile” on the scene today – snakeskin. According to Harper’s Bazaar,  “While Instagram has gone increasingly beige recently with the proliferation of fashion accounts that favor a concise palette of brown, tan, and white—with that came a more creative and textural approach to these hues. Enter: the snakeskin print. On pants, dresses, and tops, it maintains a neutral disposition while adding an interesting pattern. As a bonus, you get all of the appeal of snake with none of the guilt—this is a print after all, not the real deal.”

And according to stylecaster.com, the best part about python prints (and other snake-inspired patterns) is that they offer the best of both worlds. They often come in subdued palettes, making them a near-neutral. But their dynamic textures and bold prints make them as eye-catching as any other animal print. In other words they are a more nuanced (and possibly even more wearable) way to do animal prints, making them this season’s most daring—and simultaneously most versatile—trend.


Juliana, $59.99, Scarlett, $49.99, Katherine, $44.99, Sunglass Case, $12.99


So, whether you consider yourself “warm blooded” or “cold blooded”, there is a print that ‘s right for you. Add this piece to your fall wardrobe and you’ll be right on trend this fall!